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Note the Realtime Recorder main screen is invisible to recording even if the main screen image overlaps the recording area. You can do this by clicking the Split button while recording. Click Record to begin recording. If tracks are not being split properly, adjust this setting. Select the track or tracks to delete.

Type your desired track, artist or album name. Go to the upper-left marker, and drag it with the mouse to the new top-left corner. If one is found then that will be used as the name. It also displays an icon indicating the status.

After recording, you can delete tracks you do not wish to save. You have full control over the preset conversion settings and can create, delete and modify them. The number of minutes after a download is complete that it will seed for.

The external drive installation dialog opens. You can also drag the markers to adjust the recording region. Select one Female Male Unspecified. Set this to zero to disable this feature. Create folders to organize your media.

Make fingertips burst into flames, buildings invisible, change the background of the presenter to Hawaii or get yourself shot with celebrities, VideoMagic Pro does it all! Starting Recording To start a recording, press the Record button. This is because Stream Rip and Replay monitors the network stream for media, and once detected will download or record the stream.

Or you can pick and choose which tracks to send to your iTunes library. Some Stream Rip and Replay customers prefer to see all the features available in the main interface. To view the file in Windows Explorer click the folder icon next to location.

Filter Stream

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Amazing Chroma Key Image editing software. As previously mentioned, recorded and downloaded files can be viewed as graphical thumbnails or in an ordered list.

The number of milliseconds that sound values should be below the silence value for silence to be detected. Once a video is locked, it appears only inside Media Vault, and can only be played from there. Displays information about the download, recording or conversion. Tell my followers about Myspace? Powerful Chroma Key Software for Photos and videos.

Either way, setting up your recording area is a snap. When checked, this will clear the library of all media when the application is exited. This setting allows you to customize how your files are named. You may already know people on Myspace. This greatly improves the general speed of your Windows system by disabling the Aero Video effects.


Check for Updates on Startup. This is particularly important for regular radio recordings. The History module will glow blue when monitoring.


Convenient To make it easy to capture a portion of your screen, Realtime Recorder can often automatically locate the region of your screen where video will be played. An exception is made when recording YouTube videos.

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We highly recommend using this feature. Click the Delete Track s button or Right-click on the track to delete. This sets the recording region. Click Library to view your downloaded and recorded media.

Filter Stream

Stream Rip and Replay for Mac is the easiest, most advanced streaming media recording technology ever created. Therefore it is important to play the video before using Get Video. You can drag both thumbnail and list view items to folders you create. This effectivly speeds up the downloading process. This setting lets you choose to eliminate tracks under a certain length you decide.

Just start typing to find music. Will add all downloaded music tracks to your iTunes library when they are finished downloading and converting. Splitting Tracks In general, the default settings for these parameters will work with most of the popular Internet Music sources. For example, if this is set to Kb, and the size of the video to be downloaded is Kb, yemaindi ee vela songs then a single request will be used.

Click Stop Recording when finished recording. When unchecked silence is not recorded.

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