Able Pictures Of Animals

What did you come up with? The common ostrich eats grasses, flowers, seeds and other plant matter. This African reptile is often found by rivers. It is grey with darker stripes on its neck and shoulders.

As an additional protection against predators, pangolins are able to emit an unpleasant smelling chemical. The common ostrich may not be able to fly, but it is a true record breaker. The leopard is known for its great strength, and is capable of dragging its prey up a tree. Today, vice city games 2012 around half of all vertebrate species are fish.

However, in the grand scheme of things vertebrates are somewhat of a minority. The mountain zebra is found in hot, rocky, mountainous or hilly regions of south west Africa. Frogs have tail-less, muscular bodies, and well-developed hind legs for jumping and swimming. He will require a large cage even though he is small. An organelle is a structure within a cell, such as a nucleus, that has a specific function.

They were the first vertebrates to live on land. If threatened, a pangolin will roll up into an armored ball. Both species of gorilla are critically endangered.

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Camels are able to use this to their advantage as a survival strategy. The secretary bird is a large and distinctive bird of prey found in sub-Saharan Africa.

When the unsuspecting victim gets within range, the crocodile launches an explosive attack, capturing the prey in its immensely strong jaws. The black wildebeest is found mainly in South Africa and neighboring countries. Both live in the forests of central Africa.

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In fact, some invertebrates are more closely related to vertebrates than they are to other invertebrates. The group includes fish such as trout, goldfish, cod and marlin. Other well-known bird groups include ratites ostriches, cassowaries, kiwis, etc. Cartilaginous fish include the sharks, rays and skates. The horn-like projections on the head of a male okapi are called ossicones.

By comparison, modern humans only appeared a measly thousand years ago. Camels have lived in some of the most desolate corners of our planet, and not only do they live, they thrive. Thank you for your question. We use cookies to collect information on site usage, and to deliver suitable advertisements.

Chemicals in their saliva prevent the blood from clotting while the mosquito is feeding. Ring Tailed Lemur Good luck with the project! Hi James, The tiger is an Asian species. Instead of eating large vertebrates, it feeds on insects such as ants and termites. Perhaps nowhere else on earth is more associated with the camel than the Arabian Peninsula.

Able pictures of animals

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It is most common in savannas and grasslands. Thousands die every year from being hit by vehicles and many others die from eating poisoned rats. Is there a webpage on facts about felines around the world? They evolved from amphibians around million years ago.

Able pictures of animals

He will also need time outside of his cage to explore and run around. All five species are found in Africa.

With all those eyes and ears looking and listening out for danger, predators find it hard to approach undetected. Fortunately, there are many cages of adequate size available for reasonable prices.

Could there be a way for you to find out more about the african Sand Cat. The conservation status of all four African pangolins is Vulnerable.

One branch of dinosaurs evolved into birds, and some scientists consider birds to be part of Reptilia. It can grow to be around six to nine inches long. The largest antelope is the giant eland, a species found in the savannas of Central Africa. The largest and best-known subspecies is the Cape buffalo, which is found in Southern Africa. Sadly, poaching has been identified as the main cause behind the continued decline of both species.

Able pictures of animals