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When the mood should be more mysterious, there's happy music playing. By the more immediate nature of the medium, that also means that the feedback will also be more immediate. The only downside to My girl, was the music and here we have it again. On the other hand, I'd say that the songs do not connect with the scenes very well, they come off really odd.

Any drama is going to have flaws. It's even painful to listen to.

Series review, episodes by Laica. She's one of the few bloggers who know when to draw the line. It's slightly irritating while at the same time, quite lovely. The ost for this one isn't really that bad, it's just very average, which is hugely disappointing.

It's as if Oh is working from a completely different script! Much fewer opinions and more general. Why should she not have one line about how the music sucks when it does, in fact, suck? That is another of my important possession!

But why isn't that one on the soundtrack? One of the reason why the Japanese version was big in Japan itself was because of their soundtrack. To each their own, I suppose. Please enter your username or email address. This is the internet, so let people write what they want and try not to take something personally when someone disagrees with you on your favorite drama or idol star.

But I think the composer is either not listening to the fans, does not understand the reason for the complaints or is just plain tone deaf. Calling everybody who disagrees with you a nazi, that's just being a conservative. On their first season, they have Planetarium by Ai Otsuka as their insert song and hell-a it's amazing. Why bother trying to defend yourself if you're not going to address the complaints? What she doesn't critique means that it's onpar with what the series has to offer already.

Okay, point taken, although I would advise Mr. If you are one of the people who likes a calmer tone, you can always visit coolsmurf. Terroir hasn't generated much interest. As a result, in order to differentiate itself, the opinions become more detailed-oriented i.

It's not the music that bothers me, it's the use of it, i think the music doesn't go smoothly with the drama when they try to put it in the background. Javabeans, I love your blog and I think you should continue writing the way you've been writing. And I've been finding myself saying Yo, Yo, Yo for fun at random times. This blog isn't mean for the sake of being mean, unlike say allkpop or popseoul. Im not even going to mention Paradise, we all know what catastrophe that has been for the drama.

Yes, I think his choices have been awful in many of these shows, but I still have to have respect for anyone who has built up a career like that. Love reading your stuff Javabeans, keep it up! Unless if it's about East of Eden. The above also gets reflected in project management. And just because you critique does not mean you don't overall enjoy it.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. We all like the music, but its usually played at the wrong scene in the show or overplayed or its the wrong song.

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Then they have Flavor of Life by Utada Hikaru which by the way is also a great song. And yet, I really, really wish someone else had gotten his job. Having opinion is good, but that general statement wasn't. You know what you said and you know what you meant to say, but you keep insisting that you're not being mean just so people can't chastise you for it. Wish he would use more original scores than the pop songs.


The guy is pretty clueless isn't he? And the cast has improved in their overall acting. Like it makes me want to rip my hair off!

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She wasn't demanding it, but the fact that someone would say that the writer should tone down her writing style to be nicer sounded insolent to me. On the above point, I disagree with belleza. How can you guys even understand what the first poster is saying?

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Let's just make a good use of the mute button! There was lovely piano interlude in Meteor Garden which captured Makino's ups and downs and it was very effective. The music director isn't able to reflect the mood of the scenes with music. When I watched the episodes subbed, I actually laughed rather than rolled my eyes. Mr Oh please practise what you preach ok?

By the way, I hate this song. It's freaking awesome, I wish they had more like it.

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Therefore, much more nitpicky. There isn't one song we can identify with any of the characters. Oh defends his choices, saying that inasmuch as scriptwriter Kim Soo-hyun uses dialogue to express the emotions of the main characters, the drama also uses its imagery to express its emotions. And I don't even like rap. The music of the drama is very pop, and bubbly, and easy, which is something I've noticed from Jun Kisang dramas.

So far with Boys Over Flowers, I feel like all things just haven't fallen into place. Boys Before Flowers Favorite. Boys over Flowers generates lots of interest and opinions. Each additional opinion becomes not only a reaction to the original post, annamayya telugu video songs but all the other opinions before it. Not all series can have stellar soundtracks like Soulmate or Coffee Prince.

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Mostly unbias, but she admits it when she isn't totally so. If Ann Coulter's blog offensive calls somebody a nazi, that's style. So, I was a bit anticipating that the Korean one would at least have the same greatness but they don't. When you plan a business meeting, you want to only invite as few people as needed to do the business best, and you generally want to make the meeting shorter and not longer.

If you think javabeans pours more negative opinions, at least she does it in a funny sarcastic and quite intelectual way unless some of the writers at allkpop. Almost Paradise is really sickening when we hear it for more than twice. For some reason, I'm actually finding myself amused by the horribly silly gangster-rap language too. That's still no excuse for sheer lameness and abuse of cutesy music. Have you ever been to allkpop.