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Look at the body and get a blood sample. Lab - Trace Analysis Computer, add finger print from gun and finger print from the bag of powder, confirm match.

Crime Scene - Find tire tracks near the rock, take impression of it. Go to the crates, find a first aid kit on the wall, find a gun. Click on the video slot machines, on the red one, take a picture of the serial number.

Miami, follows a distinct pattern of five cases, with the fifth case tying together the previous four. Audible Download Audio Books. Chemical Analysis Machine, add bag of powder and search. Look at the calendar and notice appointment with her sister.

CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder Review

Find a finger print near the lock. He will give you a cassette tape and a can of paint brushes. Both try way, way too hard to emulate the vocal inflections of the two actresses, and they come off sounding pained in the process. Asking for hints docks you on your postcase evaluation, but that evaluation doesn't actually do anything except change the rank you're given at the end of a case.

Go to the laptop behind the slot machine, click the file icon, get encrypted file. On the right side of the desk, find a finger print. The third one you bring in is always the guilty party. You work with Greg Sanders on this case. Go to the shelf and find a jar of powder.

The suspected murder weapon? Not to mention that it had a bad habit of telegraphing the identity of the murderer long before the case was closed.

Brass Office - Ask for a warrant for Lou Astor for questioning. Brass Office - Ask to talk to Nathan gallery owner. Click on the body again for a close-up.

CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder Review

Could you just shut the hell up? Talk to Maya Nguyen, ask all questions. Brass Office - Get warrant for Emily Hanson for questioning. Go to the left of the desk to find torn paper in the garbage. Will automatically go to interrogation room with Lucy Cannelli, ask all questions.

Will get phone number for a bookie. Comparison Microscope, add bullet, exit. Lab - Trace Analysis Computer, add coffee cup print and search. Brass Office - Ask for a warrant for Michael Dubois for questioning. In this case the player works with Sara Sidle.

Brass Office - Ask for an arrest warrant for Gus Clein. On the shelf to the left of the television, find audio tape, take it.

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Brass office, ask about murder weapon. Click back and go to the left, the killers day and age passed Grissom.

Learn more More Like This. Morgue - Ask Doc Robbins to recover the body.

Is he a victim of poison, politics, or promiscuity? Mobile Analysis Unit - Trace Analysis Computer, add finger print from the rifle and search, compare to the five samples, no match. Then compare bullet from the. Will get receipt for a rented movie.

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Add medicine bottle and search. The player works with Nick Stokes on this case. Get close-up of the floor just in front of Sara, find neck chain, take it. Brass Office - Ask for a warrant for Carla Mitchell for questioning.

Get close-up in the crate again and take pottery shards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Go to the desk, find a ripped document.

Lab - Chemical Analysis Machine, add white residue from the jar and search. Take the camera from the shelf, above the desk. Brass Office - Ask for a warrant for Craig Landers for interrogation.

While in close-up, find a strand of hair. Chemical Analysis Machine, add paint stain and search.

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Worse still, the replacement actresses are awful. While in close-up, get blood sample. In close-up, turn the tickets over to get finger print. Add blood from the floor and blood from the jug, confirm match. Get notepad from the kitchen table, in close-up, find imprint from message.