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Updated versions of the fonts produced since have not been published as freeware and are usually available only after purchasing a license or as a part of some commercial products. Similarly, the height of the font is also an important factor and should not be ignored. But there was an experiment conducted by Hyunjin Song and Norbet Schwartz that will make you rethink about the fonts you are using on your website. One group received directions in a simple font while the other group received directions in a fancy font.

Many people confuse fonts with typeface. We are using this theme at our official website AffloSpark.

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Arial font never looks bad on any website. These fonts are mostly fun, joy and emotional. Monospaced fonts are those that have larger spaces between them.

Helvetica is still one of the best selling sans-serif fonts. New bold and light weights were added to the font which make it more modern looking. Gotham is a perfect font for headlines and titles as it looks stunning with its style and width. Impact, Infinity, Majoram, Rockwell, avenged sevenfold city of evil full album and Agency. These type of fonts can be used for headings but not for body text as it would be hard-to-read.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The results are eye-opening as just a font can make a huge difference in how people perceive information. But do check the recommendations for each font. But today I am a successful blogger.

However, these proprietary fonts or some of them are not distributed with some modern operating systems by default e. You can also convert your fonts from one format to another.

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One with a simple font and the other with fancy fonts. Choosing the right font for your blog or website is crucial for your presence as you may have learned from this article.

Easy Google Fonts is one of the best plugins to change the fonts of your blog. These resources will help you find fonts. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Why is there a need to dwell into the psychology of fonts?

Make sure the font is big enough to be read easily on any device of any resolution. This is not a font directory but an awesome Chrome extension which lets you find any font being used on a website. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

And typefaces are basically different categories of fonts. The font is very simple and used widely in many blogs. Modern fonts are associated with smart, trendy, intelligence, style, and sharp. It is forbidden to rename, edit or create any derivative works from the executables e.

Modern fonts attract millennials. If you are using WordPress, there is good news for you. Script fonts are handwritten fonts and are often considered as elegant and classy.

Once you download the extension, you can use it to find fonts used on a website. This font is used everywhere and you might not even know.

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Helvetica Bold

Now you must be thinking to have a theme where you can have all the Fonts pre installed. It just has some added benefits of your brand appearing consistent on the Internet.

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FontReach is an awesome tool that shows the fonts used by the top one million websites. But, if you have uploaded custom fonts, you have to check their format. Core fonts for the Web was a project started by Microsoft in to create a standard pack of fonts for the World Wide Web. Sans Serif fonts are widely used in the digital world.

Body text of your blog posts and website. You can find fonts based on your style.