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Oil Slicks are small slippery areas on the ground. It should be noted this is the only game in the franchise where Alex Swanson, who created the large majority of levels in the Marble Blast series, did not work on. The marble rolls slightly slower on higher frictions. There are various friction surfaces through the game, increasing or decreasing traction of the marble rolling on them. Players at first started with five default marbles and needed to purchase additional marbles if they wanted to use those.

It was pre-installed on some Apple Inc. Your email address will not be published.

Default Name Author Date Hits. Gives the marble an instantaneous horizontal boost in velocity, along the direction that the camera is facing and the last surface that the marble hit. While active the marble appears to hang from helicopter-like spinning blades. There are two types of bumpers, triangular and round. As soon as the marble touches a trapdoor, it swings down letting the marble fall out of bounds, unless the player moves away quickly enough.

Many of these levels were modified from the original and received some extensions to make them more compatible to the smaller screen. Very high traction only appears in Escher levels. Players only needed to complete the level under Bronze time in order to progress. There is a variety of power-ups available to the player, which are collected by touching them with the marble.

Some levels feature a Qualify Time in order to increase difficulty, and all levels feature a Gold Time, where players must finish the level below a specific time-frame. InterActiveCorp has had agreed to maintain the license conditions stated in Marble Blast Gold, hence modifications and custom levels to this game can still be created.

Marble Blast Gold Free Download. After a set period of time the trapdoor swings back up. Marble Blast Gold Download Torrent.

Marble Blast Gold revolves around controlling a colourful marble around different stages, with the goal getting to the end pad while avoiding falling off the level Out of Bounds. Concentric went to Marble Blast Ultra in place of Core. The Xbox version can no longer be bought since Microsoft moved to the newer Xbox Live Arcade, but those who purchased Marble Blast Gold and still have it on their Xbox can still play it. The Gold times are the same as those in Marble Blast Gold.

Marble Blast Gold Download Free Full Game

Beating Gold Times is not a requirement for progression in the game. After a set amount of time mines respawn. Instantly changes the direction of the gravity in the level so that down is wherever the arrow on the power-up points. Marble Blast Gold came pre-installed on iMac, iBook and iMac Mini, which heavily contributed to its commercial success. While active the marble is surrounded in a semi-transparent sphere.

When the marble touches a bumper they are knocked away quickly. Hazards are scattered throughout levels to make it more difficult to stay in bounds, and to finish levels. It featured levels similar to Marble Blast Gold, but with a more advanced engine as well as collectible trophies. Fans push the marble away in the direction that they face.

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Gameplay Basic gameplay involves moving a rainbow-colored marble from a start pad to an end pad, without falling out of bounds. Lower frictions make it more difficult for the marble to start, stop, and change directions. The developers were split on which level Core or Concentric was better, and they eventually chose Core.

However it could not maintain profit and its parent company, InterActiveCorp, had shut down its activities. Gives the marble an instantaneous upwards boost in velocity. Most hazards can also be used by the player to their advantage, usually to launch them upwards, or increase their velocity.

Just download torrent and start playing it. When the marble touches a mine it is knocked back in the resulting explosion. Some levels must be completed within a Qualification time, to increase difficulty. Additional challenges were Bronze, Silver and Gold times for every level.

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The tornado pulls in the marble and spits it out the other side. Basic gameplay involves moving a rainbow-colored marble from a start pad to an end pad, without falling out of bounds. The player controls the marble spin, and therefore movement, and can also make the marble jump. The sequel, Marble Blast Ultra, was released a few years later for the Xbox platform, jj cale mp3 and features improved graphics and new features.

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Marble Blast Gold Overview

Non-inventory power-ups are activated automatically on acquisition, and inventory power-ups are activated by the player. Some particles and gameplay elements as well as marble skins are similar to those in Marble Blast Ultra. Only one inventory power-up can be held at a time, although multiple power-ups can be in effect at the same time, if acquired and activated before the previous power-up expires.


Levels may contain hazards to make this more difficult. Collecting gems is a requirement in some levels before players can complete the level. After activation the marble bounces much more than usual for a set period of time. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Higher frictions allow the marble to start and stop rolling, and change direction more easily, and also allow the marble to climb steeper slopes.

Marble Blast Gold Download Free Full Game