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His life was going nice and things where all ok for him. As Yesudasan said it is very difficult to translate to any other languages. His friends misuse this opportunity by creating a brawl in the local pub.

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Raja Kireedam Movie Cast

After getting discharged from hospital, Keerikadan Jose decides to avenge Sethu. The first schedule of shooting took place at Rajamundhry. Other Popular Mohanlal Movies.

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Kaviyoor Ponnamma as Ammu. Sethu, who was in the market, witnesses it and saves his father by attacking Keerikadan and his goons. Prakash Kumar and the film was edited by Anthony.

Sethu, a recent college graduate, has many opportunities to enter different fields but he goes with his father's dream of becoming an Inspector. He ransacks the entire house and manhandles his mother and sisters.

Lyric of Malayalam song Soorya Kireedam

Divya Trisha Krishnan is a charming college student. Achuthan Nair is deeply disturbed by this and accuses Sethu of slowly turning into a criminal. The final scene in the film was changed after release from a sad to an upbeat ending after the producers felt that the original scene may keep audiences away. Achuthan Nair commands Sethu to drop his dagger. It is at this point that one of the most iconic emotional scenes of the movie commences.

The film ends with Sethumadhavan being disqualified from being a police inspector. Thilakan as Achuthan Nair. Oduvil Unnikrishnan as Assistant Sub-inspector. Prakash Kumar s Tamil-language films Indian action drama films Indian films. She has some comical run-ins with Sakthi and eventually falls in love with him.

Kireedam - Kanner poovinte. Sethumadhavan, the son of Achuthan Nair, a Police Constable who wishes to make his son an Inspector one day. The dragon fly is the representation of his enjoyed life and it goes somewhere without waiting for a reply by just kissing the cheeks of flower of tears and with a humming of old sad music.

Raja Kireedam Movie Cast

In the meantime, Devi's parents fixes her marriage with another guy, which Devi is not ready for. Sankaradi as Krishnan Nair. Newer Post Older Post Home. They have a terrible fight, and Sethumadhavan becomes hysterical with anger, and a feeling of revenge. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by G.

Mohan Raj as Keerikadan Jose. This is a small try from my side. The Crown is a Indian Tamil language action drama film directed by A. The second schedule continued in Chennai. One day, Achuthan Nair tries to intervene in a scuffle and he is beaten brutally by Keerikadan.

Kireedam International Release Dates Country. Redirected from Kireedam tamil. Dharan revealed that he had the opportunity to work for Kireedam but he could not take up the project as he was going through a tough phase then, exam ref 70-483 programming in c suffering a personal loss in his family.

Keerikadan gets severely wounded and is admitted in hospital. It explores how society type-casts individuals and forces them to act that part whether they like it or not.

He was expected to become a Police officer. In a bid to save his life, Sethu vehemently and violently beats him with an iron rod. Ennore harbour was the venue of some more stunt scenes.

The Crown is a Indian Malayalam drama film written by A. This is reworked from the Malayalam film of the same name. Lohithadas Malayalam films in series. The album consists of six tracks, five songs and a theme music track composed by G.

Parameshwaran gets seriously injured and is admitted in the hospital. Prakash Kumar, Trisha and Sadhana Sargam being nominated in their respective categories.

Free wallpapers download of Kireedam movie, hero, heroine, etc is available in our Gallery section. Filmography of Sibi Malayil. You may also be interested in. Cochin Haneefa as Haidrose.

Lyric of malayalam song Soorya Kireedam

In a venal system, this lands him in trouble often. Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair as Shop-owner. Yadu Krishnan as Rameshan. He shares a cordial and amiable relation with his son.

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The local police inspector Murali arrests Sethu on a petty case and warns him not to create any more fracas. Now, Sethu takes up a dagger, and stabs him to death. While doing this he can not let his father Rajaram catch him, which will bring the game to an end.