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True Confessions of Feminist Desire. The technique was so fascinating to them that they took the technique to their colonies in Africa where it was adopted with African patterns.

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Comparative Technology Transfer and Society. As the years progressed and the Dutch influence became stronger, many natives began mixing European styles within their traditional clothing.

Dutch East Indies

Archaeology Currency Economy Military. Residentie Oostkust van Sumatra.

The Dutch colonial families through their domestic servants and cooks were exposed to Indonesian cuisine, as the result they developed a taste for native tropical spices and dishes. Christian kingdom Larantuka Kingdom.

Te recomiendo que contestes sinc. From Silence to Performance.

Columbia University Press. Globalization and Feminist Activism. Soerakarta Sunanate and Duchy of Mangkoe Negaran. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The indigenous population was subject to their respective adat law and to indigenous regents and district courts, unless cases were escalated before Dutch judges.

This training was held in high esteem and helped re-socialise women once they were outside the correctional facility. Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms Salakanagara Kingdom. The economic history of the colony was closely related to the economic health of the mother country. In the female Boeloe prison in Semarang inmates had the opportunity to learn a profession during their detention, such as sewing, weaving and making batik. Journalists and civil servants observed that the majority of the Indies population were no better off than under the previous regulated Cultivation System economy and tens of thousands starved.

By topic Archaeology Currency Economy Military. Cuestionario para recoger evidencias sobre medios en cableado estructurado. Afdeeling Zuid Nieuw-Guinea. Britain was a protector of Aceh and it gave the Netherlands permission to eradicate the pirates. Evaluar los conocimientos adquiridos en el desarrollo de esta.

Tercera ola del feminismo. Fashion trends from Paris were still highly regarded and considered the epitome of style. Coming to terms with Calvinism, colonies and the war. By exploring new literary themes and focusing on indigenous protagonists, they drew attention to indigenous culture and the indigenous plight. Primera ola del feminismo.

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Dutch was not made the official language of the colony and was not widely used by the indigenous Indonesian population. The Dutch colonialists formed a privileged upper social class of soldiers, administrators, managers, teachers and pioneers. The so-called Exorbitant powers of the Governor-General allowed him to exile anyone regarded as subversive and dangerous to peace and order, without involving any Court of Law. The Dutch East Indies fell into Japan's sphere. University of Minnesota Press.

While they lost real control, their wealth and splendour under the Dutch grew. Kawilarang founder of the elite special forces Kopassus. Realiza el test para resolver tod. The Dutch government adapted the Dutch codes of law in its colony.

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The dictionary of feminist theory. Practical responses to the environment carried over from the earlier Indies Style, included overhanging eaves, larger windows and ventilation in the walls, utorrent autocad 2009 which gave birth to the New Indies Style. Adat law communities were formally established throughout the archipelago e. Germany and Japan were Axis allies.

Residentie Zuider en Oosterafdeeling van Borneo. Marca con tu puntero la alternativa correcta. Mantenimiento Heredia Prf. History of Modern Indonesia Since c.

Residentie Atjeh en Onderhoorigheden. The History of Feminism and the Future of Women. Journal of Genocide Research. Bengal Coromandel Malacca Suratte.

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En otros proyectos Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Residentie Celebes en Onderhoorigheden. The Dutch East Indies produced most of the world's supply of quinine and pepper, over a third of its rubber, a quarter of its coconut products, and a fifth of its tea, sugar, coffee, and oil. Dutch language literature has been inspired by both colonial and post-colonial Indies from the Dutch Golden Age to the present day. Centuries before Europeans arrived, the Indonesian archipelago supported various states, including commercially oriented coastal trading states and inland agrarian states.

From to the Ministry was under direct authority of the Dutch King. When a guerrilla war did take place the Dutch used either a slow, violent occupation or a campaign of destruction. La memoria colectiva y los retos del feminismo. The sugar, tin, copra and coffee trade on which the colony had been built thrived, and rubber, tobacco, tea and oil also became principal exports.

Until the Governor-General was directly appointed by the Dutch monarch, and in later years via the Crown and on advice of the Dutch metropolitan cabinet. Journal of Transport History. The Meester Cornelis prison in Batavia incarcerated the most unruly inmates. Many important art, culture and science institutions were established in Dutch East Indies.