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Mordecai then lifts the tension with a joke and they finally start to have a fun chat. At the end of the episode, she kisses him before she boards her flight, leaving Mordecai dumbfounded, then filled with joy.

Episode list for an animated series. Her hair is styled differently, it's shoulder length and it is teased up at the roots. Mordecai saw this and becomes very depressed thinking that Margaret was engaged. Maybe it was better to disappoint all the fans instead of just some. When she isn't working, her most common outfits are usually a yellow or light blue short sleeved shirt with blue jeans.

The other one has Mordecai pushing Rigby on a lawnmower, while Rigby drinks coffee. Once she heard the voicemail, however, she ended up saving it as her ringtone and forgave Mordecai for taking her phone, improving their relationship. Mordecai and Rigby try to prove that they can make a really cool ringtone.

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However, she holds up an acceptance letter to her dream college, Milton University. When noticed, Margaret immediately arrives to the beach, and reports the sea turtle abusers. He is an orange bird, thought to be an Oriole, though this is unconfirmed.

The two hold hands as they return to Margaret's car. Margaret Smith is a year-old antropormorphic robin with a similar appearance to Mordecai, except with a few differences, mainly having a feminine appearance and body. Her dream comes true and she gets accepted to Milton University.

Margaret Smith is Mordecai's fifth-known love interest. Margaret is shown to be down-to-earth, kind, and caring towards her friends.

Mordecai explains that he doesn't have feelings for her anymore, but also admits that he still thinks of her sometimes. Margaret and Eileen are best friends in the same way that Mordecai and Rigby are.

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She then declines his offer, crying and leaving Mordecai heartbroken. Regular Show merchandise has been sold, and this is a list of the miscellaneous objects.

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British Academy of Film and Television Arts. They can be found at Hot Topic. Margaret's Alternate Outfits. The guys take a nap in zero gravity. He first appeared in th Chopper Flight Party.

Mordecai quickly jumps in and says he will take her instead. Quintel for Cartoon Network. As a news reporter, she wears a blue suit, occasinally with a purple skirt in place of blue pants, with either a red tie or a pink neck scarf. Throughout the night, Margaret made of list of everything and upon revealing it to Mordecai, blushed and stated she liked listing.

However, she ends up thanking him after they make it to the airport on time and alive. After being pressured by many people, Mordecai manages to kiss Margaret during the meteor shower. He then throws the sweater in the garbage, almost moving on as well.

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Margaret also values the importance of her career and studies. Afterwards, at Margaret's party, Mordecai and Margaret slow dance, with Margaret laying her head on his chest. Regular Show is an American animated comedy television series created by J. They are still friends though.

After a few days of his favorite activities, Mordecai is back to his old self. Margaret was uncertain about leaving Mordecai, and showed deep sorrow when doing so. Mordecai and Rigby decide to slide into a sick day. In a spoof of Wes Anderson films, comedy video clips in hindi Mordecai and Rigby try to win a vintage tetherball championship trophy.

United States Copyright Office. Shortly after, she runs out of the restaurant, devastated that she has to leave him. She dated him for his beautiful singing voice and he even made a reserve at a lounge. Quintel created two shorts while in college with characters that resemble the present cast. She has a grey, curved beak, and, like Mordecai, has long, skinny grey legs with two toes and skinny black stripes although her legs and hips occasionally look curvier when she wears long pants.

Quintel, Mike Roth, and Kent Osborne. Coffee Mugs are available at the cartoonnetworkshop. In the series finale, she hugs Eileen when she and park workers expect for Pops. It's eventually revealed that Margaret has romantic feelings for Mordecai as well. Margaret subsequently tells Mordecai that the reason she doesn't want to leave for college is because she would miss him.

Reader's discretion is advised until fixing is done. John is Margaret's cousin. Two different pins were released at Hot Topic. Realizing she has moved on, Mordecai does the same and discards the sweater, ready to move on, and leaves without noticing that Margaret did look up.

She declines Mordecai's offer, leaving the restaurant crying and Mordecai heartbroken. It also comes with a sheet of stickers and some postcards. Margaret did not interact very much with Pops. Margaret says that she can always trust him, and that he is always there for her, something she can't say about her other friends. It mostly contains season one and two episodes.