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Installation should be straightforward, nothing special is required. Its native document viewing, markup, and real-time collaboration capabilities deliver the foundation for an efficient document collaboration process.

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Not only is the software but also the team behind it a great pleasure to work with. Very helpful for someone in aerospace who does a lot of quoting and has to open a lot of different types of files.

View a complete list of all formats supported in AutoVue. Click here to find out more about AutoVue Web-based Visualization. Geographically dispersed teams can come together to securely view, review and collaborate on documents through project extranets, intranets or the internet.

What is the difference between EPDM Editor Contributor & Viewer

Setting Detailing Options. Or simply connect your Dropbox account. Click here for information about technical support. Compute the draft angles of all surfaces in a part for use in Injection Molding and Casting processes. Drawing View Alignment and Display.

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Import your geometry by dragging the asset file from the project file at the bottom of the screen to the scene file tree on the left hand side of the screen. Estimators need the ability to open and view a wide variety of customers drawings and Glovius gives us that capability.

Open large assemblies on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices in seconds. Apply transparency to individual components and progressive transparency for sub-assemblies. The scene is empty except for a large base slab that will serve as the scene floor.

Click here to learn more about AutoVue integrations. Calculate the Projected Area for use in Casting process calculations.

What is the difference between EPDM Editor Contributor & Viewer

Projected View Auxiliary View Detail View You create a detail view in a drawing to show a portion of a view, usually at an enlarged scale. Never show this message again. Compute the material distribution in a part to identify areas of material optimization. Available in Annual, Permanent and Team licenses. Sample files for this project are available here.

Customer Testimonials div. Use Tape Measure for edges and curves. To view the scene click the Play icon in the top center of the screen. This topic and all topics linked from this topic. Modifying a Detail View Crop View A crop view focuses on a portion of a drawing view by hiding all but a defined area.

Take Accurate Measurements Take accurate linear, angular and radial measurements. You should now have a new folder in the location of the saved assembly with a. Adam Schmitt, Premcar Pty Ltd. We now know enough to put together the process. You may need to adjust the scale values if your dimensional units did not import properly.

Solidworks can export a variety of neutral geometry formats but not the. Follow the instructions inside to install the Solidworks macro. SolidWorks eDrawings Markups.

The provided template is a nice sandbox for importing geometry. To report problems encountered with the Web help interface and search, contact your local support representative.

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Click on the geometry asset in the left hand file tree and a transform dialog should appear in the right hand side of the screen. Create multiple sections, add hatches to enhance visibility and measure section profiles. You will need to create an account. Oracle Technology Network Applications Autovue.

SolidWorks Viewer 2013 21.40.58 SP 4.0

Change component color and transparency. Explode assemblies to identify the internal components and method of construction. Communication, geographic and language barriers are eliminated in the collaboration and document review process. Visit the Online Store for details.

Your geometry should appear in the view space. Check ordinate dimensions and quickly measure models and features with Assistive Measurement. No native support currently exists so a workflow using third party software is necessary. Shaded, Wireframe and Mixed render modes. You create a detail view in a drawing to show a portion of a view, usually at an enlarged scale.

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The asset will have a property dialog associated with it that appears on the right hand portion of the screen. Contact Us Sales related queries sales glovius. Unity will process the geometry and the asset will appear in your project file at the bottom of the screen. AutoVue offers industrial strength viewing, markup and collaboration capabilities via the web. People, information and processes are connected across the global enterprise in a secure, efficient and flexible manner.

These are the broad strokes for the work flow. Types of Drawing Documents. The included Blender scripts are not required. You can set these properties before, during, windows 7 ultimate 32 bit activation crack or after creating the section view.