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There are a lot of repetitions about how a woman is helpless while pregnant. Mahavira was a great logician, but I can see the male chauvinistic mind working behind it.

Please tell us how it is humanely possible to live in a world where there in no pain. You don't have any respect for the person. Then, he quickly switches his tone that women are the!

Half of humanity has remained undignified, uneducated, deprived of all freedom, all movement. Open Preview See a Problem?

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Celebrating the Female Spirit

In the second book in Osho's Foundation of a New Humanity series, he explores the integral role of women in our society. Osho is always subtle and neat as far as the message he wants to convey through his texts is concerned. Osho challenges readers to examine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to enjoy life in all its richness. These help can certainly make all of us much more Joined! The one thing that I find disgusting about the publishing industry is that sometimes it tends to behave like music industry.

God created the world, and in every church you will hear that he created Adam and Eve after he had created everything else. Where did you get that idea? Then she can become an enlightened master. So far, I am thoroughly at a crossword of gross disgust and immense farcical amazement. Other books in the series.

The fact that the author constantly blamed men for enslaving and using women kind of disturbed me, but otherwise I'd say he had several very good points about men, women and relationships in general. Her whole body is sexual, and she can have a beautiful orgasmic experience a thousandfold bigger, deeper, more enriching, more nourishing than a man can have.

Rather than making a double bed, he chose to kill his own daughter. He repeats the same arguments so many times I think he confuses himself. Topics covered include sexuality, love, work, and politics.

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But the reality is, he is in such a hurry in everything that he destroys the whole relationship. No male chauvinists can remain around me. The woman has been enslaved. Osho has been a writer for The Sunday Times of London and is one of the top ten people who have changed India's destiny. It's really a life-changing one.

No brahmin followed the rule that he has made for women. But then logically only a year old man or woman can really tell about love and sex.

This action might not be possible to undo. Your whole history is full of murder and you call those murderers your great men.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. She has been a partner, but she was not involved in it. This is the sort of book that you must read before you get married. Many species are monogamous - some are born monogamous and some evolve into monogamy.

This free library contains over Osho books which can be read or searched by keywords or phrases. It's still a good book in many ways, madhavan hits songs will definitely recommend it to men and women both. One of the best book I've ever read. Now women are as free as you are.

The First Woman (Part 1)

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He must have felt it from the very beginning. To continue reading click here. She wants her man not to be just a man, but an adventure in discovering consciousness. This is against reality, and this has crippled both. He should be very relaxed so that the woman can have multiple orgasms.

But it's so hard to listen to him, let alone agree with him, when he chats such crap. And to use anybody is to reduce him into a thing, into a commodity. Some of the things in their own twisted way made sense.