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It could make a thin book! An outstanding work of art. Newcommers shall not be pleased with what they hear. Essential progressive rock album.

One might accuse them of noodling but I feel they never enter that empire of Boredom. This will be a very pleasing experience to fans of organ-driven prog and proto-avant-rock nuts alike. Egg is one of the groups engaged in the Canterbury scene. This, ladies and gentlemen is the top shelf of progressive rock.

The track is kept in a rather jazzy mood, but with a sense of musical structure more classically-influenced, going through numerous passages and alterations of the theme. It is the track I listen to more than the others, if that accounts for anything.

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If you like that, go on and get the other two eventually. Highly recommended, five stars without hesitation.

It is also very experimental and complex but very enjoyable. An experimental track featuring a wiiiide array of really, really crazy electronic noises. The sound of Egg on this album as I am reviewing it is not easily defined. It features all of the characteristic elements of the band. Everyone has something to hide from themselves and now it's too late to go back go right on.

Escuchar y Descargar The Egg Walking Away Tocadisco Remix MP3

VA-Electro Crem v.1 (2013)

Lyrically, it's a perfect reflection of the sound. This source of power and might comes, obviously, from the musicians themselves. Filled with fuzz-organ, this is the most rock-oriented of the tracks without sacrificing any of its avant-garde integrity.

However, this album is not for everybody. He still remains a highly sought-after session drummer today.

Walking Away

The parts are different, obviously, but when listened to in one long sitting the result is baffling. This is a must have for all Egg and Canterbury Scene fans.

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All of the members of Egg get a chance to present their virtuosic abilities in a truly entertaining and not-self-indulgent manner. Mont Campbell is a pretty good vocalist, and already that alone makes Egg sound nicer! The track was allegedly recorded as an album filler.

Now that I know can't get away from you. Every note seems to carry a meaning and not a single one of them would I take away, change or add. In conclusion, I will never have enough good to say about Egg's debut album. Now it has a wider plethora of sounds, as he added a Hohner clavinet to his rig, dj mustard sound kit which gave him a bright percussive sound. There is a restrained demonstration of power I find hard to describe.

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Bass playing of Mont Campbell is very unique and goes from funky grooves through classical upright bass-like to experimental fuzz bass passages. Review by Matti Prog Reviewer. The tempo it gives, remains more or less unchanged throughout the rest of the piece.

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Not only does it hold a strong historical value as one of the pioneering albums of the genre, but also it is just plain joy to listen to. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. They just happened to produce, however, some of the most interesting and some of my favorite music from the Canterbury Scene. Although I'm in the minority, I consider this one of the legendary albums of progressive rock's second league.

But this album is a must for prog nuts. Civil Surface is an outstanding album that is a masterpiece of progressive rock music.

No wonder Clive wanted his drums to be loud and forward in the mix! Sort of a let-down, I would expect fireworks and champagne, but I guess we will have to make do without those. They stretch out and showcases a musical vision that is really somethig to behear.

Walking Away by The Egg on MP3 WAV FLAC AIFF & ALAC at Juno Download

VA-Electro Crem v.1 (2013)

The organ of Dave Stewart is as ever present and recognisable, not only by sound but very much in execution. Without any rhythm, this features samples of Mellotron tapes played backwards, forming a sort of heavenly sound collage. Yeah, pure Canterbury spirit in that sense too. The album consists of seven pieces.

If you're simply into good, challenging and diverse prog I'd say this is for you aswell. Anyway, the song is amazing and the best of the lot, I feel. Review by Progfan Prog Reviewer. At times it's atonal and frightening, at times atonal and frightening. An odd album opener, giving us the taste of what's to come.

Lyrics are very poetic and mature. As opposed to most tracks, it only features organ in a solo part, most of it is dominated by a piano and a jazzy guest horn section. The impeccable musicianship and vision of the possibilities if musis is baffling, enjoyable and very much endearing. Melodically both of the songs in this seminal single are charming. Dave Stewart's organ playing is out of this world.

The piece uses a metronome with a bit of reverb to imitate sounds of a mine. Mont Campbell's singing again, does not disappoint.

From the album

So, when all is said and done I have to say that this album is an essential listen, if you at all is interested in the development of progressive music. Stylistically, fairly simillar to it, however a bit mellower and more dreamy. Canterbury band that released three organ-prominent albums. The band's classical influences of Hindemith, Stravinsky, Bartok or Schoenberg, as presented on previous releases, still play a crucial role in Egg's sound.

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