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And this lyric really help me out. My gf is very happy with me though I was actually looking to sate my own k-pop addiction! Receive notifications of new posts.

What really makes this song work is everything was done in the name of fun. But back then, the heavy electronic beat, and the minor influences of funk somehow clicked extremely well with the audience.

Ttanttan ttanttada tta ttaranttan Ttanttan ttanttada tta Nege banhaebeoryeosseo Baby Ttanttan ttanttada tta ttaranttan Ttanttan ttanttada tta ttarappappara. Notify me of new posts via email.

My friend will love this video, she is technologically disabled and find things like this on her own. The whole music video is in black and white. Heechul appears to be in the dance towards the end of the video, itunes 6.0 and Kibum only appears in solo shots.

M o o n l i g h t u n e s

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Cuz u'r just too kind sharing these songs n videos i've been searching hi n low n all over. Georeooneun neoui moseup Neoui moseup neoneun machi Nae simjangeul barpgo wannabwa Ijen beoseonajido motae. In the song's dance bridge the members are tutting, with Eunhyuk in the lead. The woman then touches her lips and pulls off her pearl necklace. This blog is set up because I didn't want all my downloaded files to go to waste.

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The dance is choreographed by Nick Bass as well as Trent Dickens, who is known for working with international stars like Usher and Justin Timberlake. Only just found this awesome blog! Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias. Anyway, the lyrics revolve around a guy apologizing for his undying love for the girl, who is represented by the opening scene with the lady looking through the keyhole and teasing the guy. Aeiniragiboda chingugateun Naega doego shipeo Neoui modeun gomin seulpeum Hamkke ganjikhagopa.

Newer Post Older Post Home. It was also the best-selling K-pop album in many Asian countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, China, and the Philippines.

The video starts off with an experimental scene, a woman's eye peeping through a key hole. You should see their video on this. Can you send me the password? Oh and luh their dancing, cream on the digital remix. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Do not request for any password, I won't reply. You'll get what I mean after downloading the files. Nothing exactly deep there. Dashi eobseul mankeum mankeum Neoreul neomu saranghae Naega baran saram niga baro geu That that that girl.

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Baraboneun nunbit soge Nunbit soge naneun machi Naneun machi mwoe hollin nom Ijen beoseonajido motae. May I please have the password for this mv.

Borrar playlist Cancelar Guardar. The song that started it all. And how much do you like this song now? Email required Address never made public.

Super Girl Perfection Swing. And Super Junior were pioneers in other ways as well. Following the steps of their labelmate BoA, who single-handedly opened a path for K-pop in Japan, Super Junior spearheaded K-pop in the Chinese market. Yoo reportedly wanted create a song which is both equally fun and easy to listen. Jubyeon saramdeureun malhae Naega neomu jeokgeukjeok Isesange geureon saram Eodi handurinyago Geugeol molla geunyeol molla Shigihamyeo haneun mal Naega bureopdamyeon geugeon Geudaedeuri jineun geo.

Learn to respect others, please. Mi perfil Enviar letra Mensajes Editar Salir. Let's dance dance dance dance Let's dance dance dance dance Let's dance dance dance dance dance dance. Countdown chart in just a week.

The year also marked a pivotal time in the internet age, which helped the globalization of Korean music. Dance dance dance dance Dance dance dance dance dance dance Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Ttanttan ttanttada tta ttaranttan Ttanttan ttanttada tta Nege banhaebeoryeosseo Baby Ttanttan ttanttada tta ttararara Ttanttan ttanttada tta ttarappappara. It's just my love for this song and the dance is overwhelming and its difficult for me to not know why I'm not getting your email. Just like kibum and hankyung.

And before you knew it, you have joined many others in this sinkhole called fandom. It does really help me for the english translate. Hey eejen geuman naegae wahjooleh Jungmahl michil gutman gatah yeah Nan neoman saranghago shippo Juhldeh dashi hanoon pahl saenggak ubseo hey. Where the heck dId you hear that crap?

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